Escapeade is an entirely new and unique lifestyle service which delivers affordable, full-time global travel in top-rated hotels and resorts.  We’re a technology company which uses data science and software to source thousands of hotel price options and combinations to find amazing value which manual price-checking through a website just can’t achieve. We then pass all the savings on to you because you book direct – we take no commission. 

Rather than being stuck in one place with the “same old, same old” our lifestyle ninjas experience the world, with a change of destination every month or two.

For our retirees and others who don’t have to work, it’s a fabulous permanent holiday.

For our travellers who need to earn, they work on their laptops as usual Monday to Friday but enjoy fabulous new experiences, cultural exchanges, learning opportunities and making new friends nights and weekends Independent freelancers take the opportunity to find new clients in other countries. If you work at a computer – or if you could – you can see the world for less cost than staying in an expensive Australian city like Sydney or Melbourne.

So, what’s the escape plan?

It’s simple. If you stopped spending money on traditional accommodation, you could use that money for hotels. If you stopped spending money on cars, taxis and public transport, you could use that money for airfares. Permanent overseas travel in 4 or 5-star hotels and resorts could cost less than less luxurious living in an Australian city.

And it’s not just a better lifestyle at lower cost – you’ll save so much time as well. Consider how much time you and your partner spend travelling, grocery shopping, paying bills, doing the laundry, ironing, cleaning, cooking… most of that drudgery can be eliminated by letting hotel staff do it for you.

Hotel and resort living can be less costly than living a conventional life in a single location. Add up the cost of accommodation, transport, internet, utilities and so on and compare that with an annual budget of $78,000 for two of you, travelling together. A higher budget will get you more destinations in higher-cost locations like Europe and the UK – even dream destinations like Maldives and Bora-bora.

How do we get such great value?

1. We manage hotel and airline loyalty programs for you and because all bookings are made in your name, you get the loyalty credit and points for the flights and stays.

2. We use data science technology to build a database of prices, rather than manual browsing. We source thousands of price combinations and options for every trip you take, which achieves much lower prices than could be done manually.

3. We read hundreds of marketing newsletters every month, to find valuable discounts and offers for you.

4. As an industry insider, we have access to information and offers which are not publicly available.

Full-time luxury travel doesn’t have to cost as much as you think.

After a qualifying period of approximately two months, some hotels which are members of the loyalty program will include breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails, daytime snacks, coffee and soft drinks in your room rate.

Food is plentiful, of good quality with a lot of variety for a balanced diet. Why grocery shop when hotel staff will do it for you? Why cook for yourself when you have a team of professional chefs on hand?

Escapeade offers a better lifestyle choice on a budget of less than what common domestic living is probably costing you now. Telecommute or work online to enjoy the time and cost savings and the lifestyle improvement only global travel can offer.

Elite Loyalty Program Management Included

After qualifying period of around 2 months, the hotel brands we use will provide loyalty program status benefits at their participating hotels which can include room upgrades, breakfast, afternoon tea, all day coffee soft drinks and snacks, evening food and 2 hours of open bar every night with cocktails, spirits, wines and beers. Accessing these benefits provides a big improvement in value.

The Escapeade team will incorporate the highest status level within your travel plan, for several hotel programs. Once qualified and as long as you keep travelling full time, the benefits are daily and permanent.

Work Anywhere

If you work at a computer – or if you could – you can see the world for less cost than middle-class living in an expensive Australian city like Sydney or Melbourne.

Valuable Room Rate Inclusions

Our hotel partners include in your room rate many things which you’re probably paying for now. You’ll normally some or all of find coffee, tea, shampoo, conditioner, moisturising lotion, bath gel, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, tissues, toilet paper, bottled water and fruit.

Also included in the room rate is electricity, cable TV, internet and the furniture and applicances you used ot have to buy, maintain, insure and replace. When you compare what all these things cost you now, it all adds up to value.

And you not only avoid the cost of buying these amenities items but the time it takes to shop for them all and pay the bills. Running out of anything takes a phone call to housekeeping. Our hotel partners can’t make living any more convenient or time-saving.